Your wedding day is filled with emotion.  It is my job to capture it.  My training as a photojournalist has taught me how to anticipate action and behavior, and to have an eye for details, little things others might take for granted.  All these things take place during the time we spend together on your wedding day.  However, capturing your essence as a couple doesn’t just happen by pointing the camera at you and pressing record.   From the moment we first meet, I want to get to know you both on a more personal level, so that I can not only document your event, but make sure to capture the essence of the love you express for each other.

There is a unique feel to every wedding.  As the day goes on I am not only thinking of how I want to setup my next shot, but I am thinking of how I want the images I am capturing to tell the story of your day.  I am able to formulate all of this as I work with you by observing all the subtleties and nuances of everyone’s interaction together throughout the day.

My career doing wedding work began in 1998.  Shooting weddings and capturing the happy times in people lives is very fulfilling.  I have never stopped learning about my craft, and have steadily developed my skillset by attending seminars and workshops devoted to doing event videography and photography. I have had the privilege of traveling to many beautiful destinations to work; Nashville, Tennessee, Washington, DC, Sarasota, Florida, Asheville, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, Oxford, Mississippi, Cincinnati, Ohio, Dallas, Texas and Dublin, Ireland. Now, 17 years later, I have had a very fulfilling career.  That's my story, What's yours?